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Vintage Van and Truck Fiberglass Flare Kits

Check out our selection of flare kits ready to ship worldwide HERE 

For the rest of the story, read below!

In May 2021, Alison and I flew down to Texas to buy this massive lot of fiberglass site unseen. We thought we knew what we were getting ourselves into, we had no clue. We picked up a 26' box from Penske as soon as we landed, spent a whole day loading flares into gaylords we had drop-shipped to the storage unit, packed up the truck, and and took a couple days to cruise back to Pennsylvania.

 been a truly monumental task. I thought it would just be the usual: buy something, sell something…it’s been nothing like that at all. We’ve been getting messages since May asking us whats available for sale, and we were getting kinda down on ourselves for having so much trouble tackling it. It forced us to grow our business to the next level, as we couldn’t have made sense of any of this stuff without a warehouse space to lay it all out. We really appreciate all of the support that's allowed us to grow so quickly, so that we can continue to outfit your vans with killer parts! 

I know we’ve frustrated some of y’all being unwilling to sell this stuff for so long. We could have grabbed a couple things off the top to recover some of what we spent, but we wanted to be sure that we’ve got everything sorted and correctly fitted so y’all know exactly what you’re getting, and we can see more radical vans on the road. It’s been a hell of a task playing van archeologist with this stuff, cleaning it up and trying to match old worn out part numbers and manufacturer stamps with scattered info from old mags, friends, and the google…but we’re making sense of it!

We’ve already fitted kits for early GM, Dodge, and Ford Vans and we’re scheduling fittings now going right up thru the years.

Beyond vans, we have some minitruck and even full-size truck fiberglass in here, so we’ll be setting up fittings for those kits as well. 

It’s just me and Alison running this thing, every single day. We gotta try to keep our heads screwed on straight. Once kits are fitted, we’ll space out the releases for online ordering so we don’t get overwhelmed and delay your getting these kits any more! Keep an eye on instagram for release dates for specific sets, as they will be first-come-first-served on our website at the announced release time. The only way to get "dibs" on a set before they've been fitted is to schedule with us and come get them fitted for yourself!

How can I get fitted?
We're scheduling fittings at our warehouse in Northampton PA 18067. All you have to do is bring your van or truck out without any mudflaps, flares, running boards, or other accessories that would get in the way of flares. When you come out, we'll try on any kits we have available for your van to see how they fit. We'll discuss in advance what we'll have available for fitting so you know what to expect. If you fall in love with the new look, you can take a set home right then and there, and we'll take a bunch of pictures of your van to use on our website to show other truckers what to expect from each kit! 

If you'd like to schedule a fitting, click the tab below to leave a message with some info. We'll email ya back with details.

Why are some kits more expensive than others?
Each kit we have is priced on quality, fit, past and current availability. Some of these are flare kits rarely seen even back in the 70s and impossible to find today, some are styles still currently molded by craftsmen around the country. Some stood the test of time beautifully, some are gonna take a little more massaging. Each kit will be priced to reflect all of this. 

How is the condition of these kits overall?
Overall, they look great for being moved from a distributor to a barn in the mid 80s, then being transported in a few pickup loads from Indiana to Texas, then loaded into a 26' box and driven to Allentown, Pennsylvania, then being moved again to our new warehouse in Northampton Pennsylvania. These are quality kits that have stood the test of time. With all of them, you should expect some prep work before paint: scuffs in the gelcoat, small chips at the edges, etc. If there's any imperfections that I feel are notable enough to mention, in that they would require repair or modification in order to appear original, they'll be specifically photoed and mentioned in the description of that particular kit. 

Will you ship?
We ship all over the world, thats what this websites for! Your shipping will be quoted automatically at checkout. For each kit, if it ships in multiple boxes or has any other odd shipping requirements it will be noted in the product listing. 

These things ship in huge boxes so that they can travel safely, so shipping isnt gonna be cheap. We offer a flat shipping deposit for oversize shipments and we'll bill the remaining when we have a final rate or you can pay for an available quoted carrier rate we'll refund any overpayment once we generate a label.

Can I order online for local pickup?
Totally! We will hold orders for up to 30 days from the time of payment, for pickup at our warehouse in Northampton, PA 18067. Standard pickup hours are 10am to 5pm Monday thru Friday, but we can work with you if you need to pick up late or on a weekend, just email us in advance to confirm. 

If you'd like to pick these up, use coupon code "localzonly" at checkout and it will mark the items shipping as free. Do not use this code unless you intend to pick up your item within 30 days!

Hopefully y’all dig the hustle, we can’t wait to get more vans fitted. If you're interested in having your van or minitruck fitted with original 70s/80s fiberglass kits, and are available to bring it out to our Northampton, PA warehouse, click the message tab at the bottom of your screen to discuss a fitting!