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Get Baked 3! - Hevy's Gingerbread Van Jam

Make a sweet van, win truckin treats!

It's an annual tradition now! Beef Friday kicks off Get Baked 3, our community contest for gingerbread van builders. Ya'll build sweet little rigs, everyone votes on their favorites, we give out a bunch of prizes. Everyone wins something just for building, and it's a ton of fun. Worth it for the sugar high alone. 

Make a sweet van. Ideally gingerbread but were not too picky.
Send us a bunch of pics, good pics get votes! We wanna see all sides of that lil rig, and anything special ya did to decorate it. 
Email your pictures to sweetvan@hevyhauling.com by midnight on December 31st to be counted!

Along with a Peoples Champ crowned by popular vote, we'll also give awards for Hevy's Choice and a bunch of other made-up categories. The more sweet vans that enter, the more prizes we'll have for ya! There's definitely enough beef an Hevy goodies to go around.
Voting for the Peoples Champ starts here on January 2nd and runs through January 5th. We'll announce winners on Instagram (@hevyhauling) January 8th.

If you're decorating a van, keep us posted on the build process, take some pics, tag us if ya post in-progress stuff! We love to see it. 

You're not required to stick to this pattern for the contest, but we are sharing our pattern in case you've never built a gingerbread van before! We made a magazine a last year with a pattern and some tips for building download a free PDF here!